History & Affiliation with Cornerstone Chapel

In 2004, Cornerstone Chapel established a School of Ministry to meet the congregation’s educational needs for advanced instruction in Bible and pastoral training. This program came to a conclusion and resulted in men being sent out to serve in various areas of ministry, on the mission field and here at Cornerstone.

The program was then tailored to meet the specific vision, ministry, and resources of Cornerstone Chapel, and in 2008, we opened the Calvary Chapel Bible Institute. Our program is designed to foster growth in Biblical competence and spiritual maturity. It also prepares Christians with the message and means of ministry by deepening their understanding of the Bible, discipling them in Christian character, and equipping them with practical ministry skills.

CCBI offers a two-year program for adults who desire to be trained in the fundamentals and theology of the Christian faith. Upon graduation, students earn a Certificate of Biblical Studies.

Due to the fact that we operate in a church environment, there is a strong bond between training and ministry, and as such, students are exposed to every area of ministry in the church.